In 2003, I took up a runway training course in the Barbizon school of Modeling and Acting. Then I took off for a career in modeling. As a fashion and editorial model with four years experience in projects, I successfully modeled for brands such as Joseph Ribkoff, Dillards, Calvin Klein, and Alex Marie shoes. I have appeared in Carolina Style Magazine and I've done runway for Detroit Fashion Week and Charlotte Fashion Week. 




I've worked as an extra in the film The Ides of March featuring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. I still have aspirations to be an actress. I enjoy putting on plays at church. I now study acting with coach and actor Chris Newman (Batman vrs Superman) at Goteri Creative Arts.



As a kid the age of 6, I dreamed of being on stage. I use to set up stuffed animals on lawn chairs in the front yard and pretend they were my audience while I sang and tried to dance to the likes of Mariah Carey, Selena, and Britney Spears. At 12, I auditioned for choir and was chosen to sing and dance with a group of ladies for our school. I've always enjoyed singing but it wasn't something I ever thought to pursue for the world to see me for. Instead, I see music as a way to worship and reach people for God.



As I was traveling the US, living over the road, homeless and coping for 7 years in a mentally unhealthy and unstable relationship, I grew in faith as a believer in Jesus. I'd sit and pray, do drawings, sing to Jesus and read the bible just to obtain some peace. In 2015, I came to Michigan to get out of that relationship but with hopes to help other people who were mentally disabled. I had been accepted to Liberty University to earn a degree for my BA of science in psychology with Christian counseling and I also began working as a caregiver for 3 years and counting.


With hopes to meet,


~)i(~  LiCi



















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